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When you’ve experienced past pain and trauma, deeper connections can feel impossible. Family Pathways will help you process the past to make way for a restored present and future.

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Our Core Values


I strive to embrace their story in my therapeutic approach and work to use that story as a foundation for healing.


I seek to understand and provide unconditional compassion for every story heard.


I encourage clients to discover their own explanations and solutions using the skills taught during our sessions.


I provide a reassuring space for my clients by bringing my best self, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and emotionally meeting clients where they are.


About Me

Trinity Saldana, MS, CMHS, LMFT

Worries. We all have them. We all see the effects they have on our lives: discouragement, pain, disconnection, and fear.

These worries and effects can show up in so many areas of our lives: parenting, marriage, friendships, our families of origin, and countless more.
It can be overwhelming.

But there is hope. You have sought help! You have found courage, and that courage has brought you here.

We can do this together. We can find the roots of your worries and tackle them using me as your guide. We can heal the pain, the disconnection, the discouragement, and the fear.

We can repair your relationships.

I can help your relationship through Couples Counseling

Maybe that pain and disconnection has caused nonstop fighting and conflict in your home.

Or maybe there are patterns in your relationship that have caused you both to stop talking to each other completely.

I am happy to explore those patterns and that pain in order to help you heal your relationship from the inside out. My particular strength includes connecting with younger couples (20-40) that are going through high levels of conflict or complete disconnection.

When I work with couples, I primarily use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, or EFT, to help you and your partner find more understanding of each other and strengthen your love bond.

EFT is a well-researched approach that is efficient and highly effective. Over 20 years of EFT research shows that 75% of couples move from distress to recovery and the other 15% show significant improvement in their relationship.

Let me be your support and translator with your children and family.

Are there moments you feel like you just can’t connect with those you love most, such as children or other family members?

Maybe you just don’t understand where things went wrong?

There is no pain like the stress of being disconnected from your family. It can be isolating, lonely, and frankly, terrifying.

I help children who struggle with moderate to severe behavior issues, anxiety and depression. I enjoy creating space for families to have true moments of connection and to renew their relationships with more trust, understanding, and safety.

My go-to approach with younger children (0-6) is Child-Parent Psychotherapy. Play is a child’s natural language. Rather than using traditional play therapy, I use directive play with children to allow them to use their language in communicating scary, stressful, or any other experiences that have disconnected you from their world. I become your guide to speaking that language with your child and really finding out what’s going on in their hearts.

This type of reconnection has been proven to work with adoptive families (both internationally and in the US) as well as reduce unhealthy behaviors in toddlers and small children by teaching them to trust your parenting and believe in you as their safe place.

For older children and teens (7-17), I integrate talk therapy, art therapy, and relationship coaching to help your child get to a better place in life.

Art therapy uses art, poetry, journaling, sandtray or other kinds of tools integrated with talk therapy to explore emotions that are sometimes unable to be adequately touched on through conventional talk therapy.

Relationship coaching teaches your child to practice patience, acceptance and kindness with peers and family as they learn how to grow up and face life’s challenges.

Family therapy allows us to all come together and explore both your child’s and your hurts and needs as a parent. Building on your strengths and drawing from my experience as a child and family therapist, I can guide your family to peace, joy, and healing reconnection.

I want to bring peace into your family no matter how badly you are struggling!

There are many counselors in Washington State, why work with me?

Therapy is a great opportunity to work through your problems.

Listening. It’s what all therapists do, right? But you also want someone who isn’t afraid to give you feedback, a different perspective, or even sometimes to point you in a different direction. You want someone interactive, someone who really shows you that they understand what you’re saying. Someone who can truly drive and create change.

I would love to be that therapist for you or your family. I will work with you and challenge you to make things better. I am not likely to take a passive approach by just sitting and nodding. I will ask you questions and give you feedback.

I ideally connect with individuals looking for a more relaxed and informal style. Opening yourself up can be scary enough without a clinical response. You want someone you can be yourself with. You and I will work closely to help you problem solve, learn new ways of communicating and create a loving connection in your relationship.

I feel that my unique ability to take time to get to know the real you while quickly building a relationship of trust, acceptance and open conversation will give you the confidence that you will receive great care from me.

My Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Chico, combined with 10 years of treating children, individuals, and families, gives me experience and insight into how to help figure out those issues that seem unresolvable by yourself. I have spent time learning through experience, supervision, and meeting amazing people such as yourself that therapy doesn’t make me the expert. I truly believe that my job is to guide you to be the best version of yourself.

Lastly, I myself have received therapy for issues both from childhood as well as my adult life, so I understand the therapy process and how difficult it can be to open up to someone new. I embrace open communication about our relationship and understand that building trust takes time.

When I am not doing Family Therapy…

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband of several years, spirited toddler, and three dogs Cassie, Dottie, and Hazel.

Before starting a family of my own, I spent some time volunteering with the community and coaching a girls’ youth fastpitch softball team in the Vancouver, WA area. I did this for three years and each year rewarded me more by seeing young girls’ lives change as they achieve growth through athletics and social relationships.

My hobbies to relax include reading and listening to audiobooks, watching college sports on television, and thrifting!

Please know that I would love to work with you. I truly have great respect for each individual and their story, because it matters!

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Let me help you restore peace and joy in your life!

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