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Trinity Saldana, MS, CMHS, LMFT specializes in trauma and anxiety therapy, for individuals, children and families. She is certified in multiple therapeutic modalities and parent coaching programs. She’s also completed training in Emotionally Focused Couples’ Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

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“Trinity Saldana is an excellent therapist. She is creative and compassionate approaching each individual or couple with a tailored and unique approach.
Jordenn Martens, MSW, CSWA

“Trinity Saldana has been my professional peer for the past 10 years. She is able to provide empathetic and considerate services catered to the unique needs of her clients.
– Colleague

“Trinity Saldana is one of the best therapists. Not only is she able to manage any situation she does it with such grace. Everyone she works with feels they are heard and supported.“
–  Vancouver, WA.


Life Can Be Overwhelming… but There is Hope…

You are looking for a caring counselor that specializes in anxiety and trauma therapy. When you’ve experienced past pain and trauma, deeper connections can feel impossible. Family Pathways helps you process the past to make way for a restored present and future.

There is hope. You have sought help! You have found courage, and that courage has brought you here.

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